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Awesome as opposed to online converter

I first used another online music converter which popped up first on the website when I searched. It glitches instantly on the music file load. This AMusicSoft app, on the contrary, is great. It did the conversion well even though my music library was over 2 hours. The conversion takes only a few minutes. Highly recommend.

Affordable AND reliable! Love it!

All I can say is that using this AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter app works really well. It's affordable, simple, and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I've been using it for several months with no problems. I have used this app to convert all types of kids' music for my daughter and am more than satisfied.

Wonderful, highly recommend it.

I have purchased its lifetime license. There are many format options and AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter is about all you’d desire for a music converter.

Magnificently Done!

I googled hard to find a decent music converter that would convert my party playlists while maintaining high quality. Tried and failed until today I discovered AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. Music sound quality is well preserved when converting to MP3.

Nice Support

I have been using this for about 1 year. Worked perfectly. Any time I have had to contact the AMusicSoft team for support the reply has been swift and very helpful.

Fast Conversion Speed

I absolutely love AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter! I am very impressed by the software's intuitive interface, lightning-fast conversion speed, and excellent output quality.

Excellent Software

A very easy-to-use Apple Music converter. I've used many software over the years to convert and download music from Apple Music! I can use this program without any instructions. Easy to use and able to get so much done five times faster. Awesome!

Streamlined, Updated, and Fully Functional

I love that developers offer free trials. This gives users the opportunity to try out the app. I'm quite a picky guy when it comes to music-converting apps. Since I travel a lot, I often have to listen to music offline. Most converter apps convert one format to another. With AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter you can convert one format to as many as you like.

Outstanding app!

I was dreading having to learn new software. Tried this AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter and about 5 minutes later I was done with all 20 Jazz songs. I hope this app continues to work and produce great content as an audio tool! Thank AMusicSoft Team!

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