How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 3 Ways [2023 Updated]

Music is both a mood setter and a mood changer. It can change the state of mind of anyone who is sad, broke, happy, emotional, and the like. With music, you can somehow ease the stress and problems you are currently thinking.

In connection with that, if you are a music enthusiast, you might have been using a site to listen to your favorites. Does it happen to be Apple Music? And, have you ever looked for some guides to convert Apple Music to MP3 format?

If both of your answers to the above questions is “Yes”, then this blog post would be of great help to you. We will be presenting some beneficial methods on how you can easily convert Apple Music songs to MP3 in this article so make sure to stay on this page and keep on reading until the end.

Contents Guide Part 1. Why Would You Aim to Convert Apple Music Song to MP3?Part 2. What is the Best Apple Music Converter?Part 3: Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format Using iTunesPart 4: Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format Using Apple Music Application ItselfPart 5: To Wrap It All

Part 1. Why Would You Aim to Convert Apple Music Song to MP3?

We are all aware that all those songs you will be able to access from the Apple music application are protected by the so-called DRM or Digital Rights Management protection. This hinders many users from enjoying all their favorites. Only a few actually have the idea of how this can be removed and resolved. And, luckily, you will be included in that group of knowledgeable people.

Below are some reasons why people ought to transform Apple Music songs to formats like MP3.

Transforming Apple Music To MP3: The Reasons

  • Since DRM protection is present in all Apple music songs, users are not that capable of playing all their favorites in any device or media player. With the conversion, they can have this issue resolved.
  • Apple music application also requires a subscription to keep all songs playable even if offline. With the conversion, you can save Apple Music songs forever on your device even if you have stopped or canceled your subscription.
  • With Apple music’s family plan, multiple devices are allowed to stream songs anytime. If you will be performing the conversion of Apple Music songs to MP3 or any other popular formats, you can have those shared to anyone - friends and family members, and let them enjoy those even without any subscription or plans.
  • You can now have the songs saved in many external storage devices and even use those songs in your car’s stereo for long drive trips.
  • Use your favorite Apple Music songs as your phone’s ringtone!
  • You can have your favorite Apple Music songs even saved on CDs.

If you got the same reasons or more reasons than the above, then you must really keep on going and find out the guides you can use to get the converted Apple Music songs you need.
Convert Apple Music Song To MP3

Part 2. What is the Best Apple Music Converter?

One way to introduce in order to transform Apple Music songs to MP3 format is the use of this AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. This is one of the many reliable professional converters that you can immediately see in your browser. But what does it differ from the others which makes it more usable and recommended? With this amazing Apple Music Converter, you can play Apple Music free forever. Even if you're not a subscriber, you can listen to Apple Music MP3 audio on any device and player.

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  • AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter can support many formats. For the complete list, you can check the official website.
  • It only takes a few requirements to have this installed on your personal computer.
  • The interface is too easy to handle and navigate. Minimal studying about user instructions is needed.
  • You can experience fast conversion!
  • DRM protection will be removed alongside conversion and downloading.

To learn more about this tool, you can check out all the amazing features on the web. In the succeeding texts, we will show you a guide to using this AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter for converting your Apple Music songs to MP3.

  1. Import all those Apple music songs to convert.
  2. Choose MP3 as target resulting output.
  3. Begin with the conversion process.

Below are the details for the above three.

Step #1. Import All Those Apple Music Songs to Convert

You need to first install and launch the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter on your personal computer. By then, you need to have all those Apple music songs to be converted and imported onto the platform. You can add more than one as the tool can process a bunch one time.

Choose the Music Tracks

Step #2. Choose MP3 As Target Resulting Output

The tool has available output formats wherein you can choose from. From those, you can select MP3 (in this case) or any other depending on the need. You can set it under the “Output Format” section. You can also adjust some settings depending on your preference.

Select the Output Format

Step #3. Begin With The Conversion Process

In order to start the process of conversion, you must hit the “Convert” button and wait for only some minutes to have the files ready for offline streaming or sharing. That is it for AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter! Simple, easy, and fast, right? Now, we will discuss another option in the next part of the article.

Convert the Music

Part 3: Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format Using iTunes

If you are also using the iTunes application in your personal computer, you can further have it utilized since it also has the ability to transform Apple Music songs to MP3 format. Below would tell you how you can do the transformation with the aid of this iTunes application.

  1. Open your iTunes application.
  2. Choose the encoding format.
  3. Create an MP3 version.

You can check out the descriptions for the above three in the below paragraphs.

Step #1. Open Your iTunes Application

The initial thing that is needed to be done is head to your iTunes application and have it opened. Now, you need to head to the “Preference” tab. In case you are using a Windows computer, you can hit the “Edit” button first to see this “Preference” option. If you are a Mac user, hit “iTunes” on top. New options will be displayed so make sure to choose the “General” button followed by the “Importing Settings”.

Step #2. Choose The Encoding Format

From the “Import Using” window that you will see, you may need to choose which encoding format you desire which in this case is MP3. You have four options - WAV, MP3, AIFF, and AAC. In case you wanted the songs to be converted to the other three choices, you can do it.

Step #3. Create An MP3 Version

Lastly, you need to choose songs from your library. Hit the “File” button followed by the “Create New Version” tab. From the list that you will be seeing on your screen, you must choose, “Create MP3 Version”.

This alternative has been used by many already. However, there are some drawbacks posted and reported. Some users mentioned that this alternative may lead to finished outputs with quality not the same as the original. And, people also had noticed that those old purchased songs cannot be converted. In any case, you can always use the first option or keep on reading to know another.
Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format Using iTunes

Part 4: Convert Apple Music to MP3 Format Using Apple Music Application Itself

That is right! You can do the conversion of the Apple Music songs you love by using the Apple music application itself. If it happens that you are using a Mac computer in the Catalina 10.15 version, this guide will surely help you a lot. In order to do so, you need to complete the 3 major steps mentioned below.

  1. Open and launch your Apple Music application.
  2. Do the importing and conversion of songs to MP3 format.
  3. You can refer to below in order to find out more about the above two steps.

Step #1. Open And Launch Your Apple Music Application

The first thing needed is to open and launch your Apple music application. In the top bar that is shown in the upper part of the screen, you need to choose the “Music” option followed by hitting the “Preferences” button. Now, you need to hit the “Files” tab then “Import Settings”. Make sure to hit the menu next to the “Import Using” tab and select MP3 as the encoding format of the output file. Once completed, hit the “OK” button.

Step #2. Do The Importing And Conversion Of Songs to MP3 Format

After completing the first step, you can now head to the conversion of Apple Music songs to MP3 format. Firstly, choose the “File” button, then “Convert” button followed by “Convert to MP3”. Choose the folder and select the Apple Music songs to be converted. Upon finishing the conversion process, the converted files will be saved onto Apple Music’s library.

Part 5: To Wrap It All

We are glad to share some ideas that would help you ease the difficulty you are feeling when it comes to the conversion of Apple Music songs to MP3 format. Still, the most reliable is to use a professional converter such as this AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. If you have tried using other tools, you can share those in the comment section below.

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