Recommendations For The Best CD Players For Audible Content

People nowadays are given several options on how to enjoy audio contents like music and audiobooks. You can use the built-in player on your mobile device, or you can use the speakers on your Mac or desktop, and you can also utilize CD players on your car to enjoy streaming on your ride. Audio contents has now been made very portable and easy to access. So, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a player, since its demand is just getting higher every passing day.

If you are currently looking for recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content, you are very lucky to encounter the list below, as the players that are included in here are all reviewed by other users based on their experience in using the player, themselves. The experts have assured as well that before the release of them in the market, they are fully tested at the best of their abilities.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Choose the Best CD Player?Part 2. Top 5 CD Players for Streaming Audible BooksPart 3. Bonus: How to Burn Audible Books to CD?Part 4. Summary

Part 1. How to Choose the Best CD Player?

Before we proceed on the recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content, let us have first the factors that you should check in advance. To generalize, a good CD player must be easy to operate, have manageable controls, good audio performance, connectivity features, supports multiple CD types and has wide compatibility range.

There are some players designed with speakers and there are some without. Those with an incorporated one are called an all-in-one system. These players are composed of a built-in speaker, a battery, wide connectivity ability and a lot more. You should also check if the player can play contents from flash drives or if it has the features of Bluetooth and WIFI. Since headphones and speakers are very essential, check as well if the payer allows the connection of other devices such as the mentioned.

When buying your CD player, always have the time to review the factors that are just discussed above. In addition to that, you should also see if it has a rechargeable battery, if it has a sleek interface design and if it has an affordable price.

Part 2. Top 5 CD Players for Streaming Audible Books

Out of almost all the CD players that you can find in the market, here is the list of the top 5 recommendations for the best CD players for Audible books. These players can also be used in playing other audio files such as burned music.

Gueray CD Discman

In terms of appearance, the Gueray Discman is circular in shape. It looks light and compact, and it is also designed with easy to manage functional buttons. This might look a little classic compared to other players but it is surely less pricey than them. Audio playback is very reliable, too.

Other things that you can get from this player include a rechargeable battery rated at 1400 mAh, which will take up to 4 hours to get fully charged, wired earphones, a mini remote, compatible charging cable and a bag.


  1. Battery that could be recharged anytime.
  2. Simple device design.
  3. Can be purchased at a cheaper price.


  1. MP3 files are not supported.

Gueray CD Discman

Lukasa Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth CD Player

Lukasa CD player is very known for its MP3 support. It can also be recharged and it allows the use of speakers when listening to the audiobooks. This player itself makes it to the list of the best recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content because of its different abilities such as the production of a good quality sound. You can also find updated features in here compared to other players.


  1. Rechargeable batteries.
  2. Bluetooth feature.
  3. Supported speakers.


  1. A little pricey than other models.
  2. Very simple and unmodernized design.

Lukasa Bluetooth CD Player

Arafuna Portable CD Player With Dual Stereo Speakers

From the name itself, the Arafuna player comes with a portable speaker which enables you to use it in all kinds of situation. The Arafuna player is almost the same size with a typical CD. It is also very lightweight, which could be noticed right away based on its thickness that is only a few inches.

Apart from that, Arafuna is definitely listed in the recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content because it supports a lot of output formats such as MP3 and WMA. It is also designed with a battery that could be fully charged within a 4-hour duration. When purchased, a charging cable will be included in the package.


  1. Basic design and functions.
  2. Additional speed controls.
  3. MP3 is supported.
  4. Built-in speakers.


  1. Bluetooth feature is not present.
  2. Display is not very interesting and catchy.

Craig Electronics Personal CD Player

Another player in the recommendations for the best CD players for Audible audiobooks is the Craig CD player. If you prefer a more classic-looking player, Craig could be the best option, designed with a blue color at the middle and colored black at the outside edges. This player is indeed one of the cheapest of its kinds. However, it lacks a lot of features such as MP3 compatibility, navigation functions and the like. You’ll also find that the interface is too simple and less attractive.

But if you are just after a small, handy and a very portable player, then Craig is indeed a good choice.


  1. Classic style CD player.
  2. User-friendly.
  3. With included earbuds.


  1. Skip protection is not supported.
  2. Controls and functions are too simple and outdated.

Craig Personal CD Player

Monodeal Portable CD Player

Monodeal CD player is considered at the top of the recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content as it makes the features extra better compared to other players. It is not only portable; it is also designed with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 15 hours. This is much longer compared to other players which lasts averagely for only 12 hours. Take note that you only have to charge this in a total of 4 hours in order to get fully charged.

Just expect already that the player is less affordable. Though it might be pricey, upon purchase, its package includes a charging cable, earbuds, bag and an AUX cable.


  1. Supported skip protection functionality.
  2. Longer playback time up to 15 hours.
  3. Interesting interface and device display.


  1. No available connectivity features.

Monodeal Portable CD Player

Part 3. Bonus: How to Burn Audible Books to CD?

Burning Audible books, which are originally protected and encoded in an unsupported format, is very beneficial especially if you prefer using CD players more than a normal player to stream the audiobooks. But since Audible has DRM, it wouldn’t just be a simple process.

To proceed with burning the audiobooks to CDs, you have to use AMusicSoft Audible Converter. This tool is composed of multiple features that can guarantee the users the best audio quality upon conversion and download. You can freely convert Audible books to MP3 or other formats like FLAC, WAC and M4A, which are the supported formats in AMusicSoft.

From time to time, as you use the Audible service, there will always be cases when it would encounter an error or it will stop working. For example, Audible books not showing up in library, Audible keeps pausing, and more. So, to avoid from happening playing issues, you should have permanent copies of the audiobooks on your device via AMusicSoft. In this way, you won’t have the need to access the application ever or connect your device to the internet in order to listen to Audible offline.

In using AMusicSoft Audible Converter, the user guide to follow is just simple which you can surely understand without problem.

To use AMusicSoft Audible Converter, see the steps below.

  • Go to your browser, search the website of AMusicSoft and then download the Audible Converter application. Installation of the app on your used device should follow next.

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  • Open the installed app and begin adding all the audiobooks that are up for conversion. To do this, copy the Audible books’ links and paste them into the converter. The drag and drop method will also work for this step.

Add Your Audible Books To Converter

  • Choose the format that you wish to have and then assign the destination folder where the results are to be saved once everything is finished.

Select Audible Output Format

  • Tap the Convert button and wait for the process to get done.

Convert Audible Audiobooks To MP3

  • See the results of conversion from the Converted menu and finally download them on your local device.

Right after using AMusicSoft Audible Converter, you can now choose among iTunes, VLC Media player or Windows Media player to burn the audiobooks to CD. When the burning process is finished, you may then proceed to using the recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content tackled above in enjoying them.

Part 4. Summary

To sum it all, there were a lot of available CD players in the market. So, to help you in choosing the best one, I have selected some of the best recommendations for the best CD players for Audible content. All of the best features that a player should have, are all listed above. Make sure to choose wisely as this will determine the result of your streaming experience. When it comes to burning the Audible books, AMusicSoft Audible Converter is very recommended. With its given features, you can definitely get the best quality of burned audiobooks in the fastest time possible.

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