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These days, it’s easy to enhance sound quality. The only issue is that digital music is not that easy to access. You would have to be signed with a music service to be able to tweak according to your preference.

Take for example Spotify. The music from this particular music streaming service is encrypted with the use of a technology called DRM or digital rights management. For you to be able to enhance the sound quality of your Spotify music, you would need a DRM music converter.

This article will show you the best program you can use to convert your Spotify songs. You will also learn of other DRM music converters to have more options.

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Part 1. Why You Need a DRM Music Converter

For starters, you’re probably wondering why there’s a need for a music converter program. At a glance, you’re probably thinking that you don’t need one. Truth is, you and everybody else need such a program.

You see, a DRM music converter can do a lot for you. For starters, it removes the DRM from music streaming services such as Spotify. If you notice, you can’t do much with your Spotify music. If you’re not paying for it, you can’t even play the songs offline. If you’re paying for it, you can download your playlists but you can only play them on authorized devices.

That might seem weird to you but that’s just the way it goes. Even if you’re paying a monthly fee on Spotify, the songs are still protected by DRM. Since they are DRM-protected, you won’t be able to do much.

If you want more control over your Spotify songs, you would need a program to convert the file. Only when the file is converted, the DRM is removed. Don’t worry. There’s no need for you to use two programs. You just need a single program to do the job. Music converters remove the DRM.

Keep in mind that music converters remove the DRM so that you can download the song and play it offline for as long as you want. With the DRM removed, you have more options to play the song on as many media players as you want. Hence, you have fewer restrictions when the DRM is removed.

One of the best things about using a music converter is that you are spared from paying a monthly fee with a music streaming service like Spotify. You can use a music converter to remove the DRM even if you’re signed up with a music streaming service for free. So, if you’re a Spotify fanatic take a look at the best music converters so that you can remove the DRM from your favorite songs.
DRM Music Converter

Part 2: The Most Recommended DRM Music Converter

Now that you see the immediate need for a music converter, you’re probably wondering which program is the best to get the job done. The AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter can easily remove the DRM. This is the most recommended program since it’s very easy to use.

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Spotify songs are in the Ogg Vorbis file format. This particular file format is DRM-protected. It’s for that reason that the songs can only be played on the Spotify app. Even if you are paying for the monthly fee, playback is only possible from the Spotify app.

You can change that and have more power over your songs with the AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter. Check out the steps below to see how you can use the AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter.

  1. Download AMusicsoft Spotify Music Converter
  2. Copy the Song’s URL from Spotify
  3. Remove DRM by Converting File
  4. Download Unprotected File

The detailed steps below will show you how easy it is to use the AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter, making it the most recommended music converter.

Step 1. Download AMusicsoft Spotify Music Converter

The AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter is available only on its official website. There’s no need to worry about going to the website since it’s secured. You can easily download the program without worrying about any program that’s bundled with it. Make sure it’s installed on your computer.

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Step 2. Copy the Song’s URL from Spotify

Go to your Spotify account and copy the URL of the song or songs you want to convert. Once you have copied the URL or URLs, launch the AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter and paste the URL there.
Copy the Song’s URL from Spotify

Step 3. Remove DRM by Converting File

You don’t need to do anything technical to remove the DRM from the Spotify song or songs. As a matter of fact, you just need to choose a file format that is not DRM protected. For example, you can choose MP3 for your output.
Remove DRM

Step 4. Download Unprotected File

Once you have selected a DRM-free file format, make sure to click on the Browse tab to set a destination for your newly converted, DRM-free file format. Once that’s done, you can already download it. The entire conversion process will begin. You just have to wait for a couple of seconds to finish.
Download Spotify Music

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Part 3: Other DRM Music Converters

For more options, other music converters can remove the DRM. Take a look at the other programs below.

Option #1. Sidify Music Converter

This is another program that can convert and remove DRM from Spotify songs. It’s a very straightforward program. It gives you a lot of options to enhance audio quality.


Sidify offers a freeware for Windows users. The freeware supports Windows 10. It can convert Spotify music to various file formats such as WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AAC. The freeware version retains critical information about the artist and preserves the album cover as well. Simple navigation is all it takes to convert. The conversion process is very quick.


The freeware is only available for Windows users. Mac users would have to pay to be able to use this program. There’s a striking similarity with other DRM music converter. Nonetheless, it does work to get the job done but you can get other programs that function the same way. It takes up about 69MB and that might be too much space for you.

Option #2. iSkysoft Music Recorder

The iSkysoft Music Recorder can also be used to convert Spotify songs and remove DRM. This is a very easy program to navigate. You just have to click on the recording tab to get the job done. Hence, it records the Spotify song you want to convert. This is a good option for you to look into.


It’s very lightweight. It will only take up 8 MB of space. The intuitive interface makes navigation very easy. The audio is preserved. Available for both Windows and Mac. iSkysoft Audio Recorder 2.3.5 can be downloaded for free on Windows. Based on a lot of reviews, the program is clean.


You need to make sure that there aren’t any programs running in the background. Although the navigation of the program is fairly easy, you need to be precise in playing the Spotify songs and clicking on the recording tab on iSkysoft. Unlike the other DRM music converters, this particular program only has two output file formats. It only supports M4A and MP3.

Some reviews have pointed out that the program has failed to identify tracks. Furthermore, the program offers very limited options for audio editing. This program is offered on a lot of websites, which could be quite confusing.
iSkysoft Music Recorder

Option #3. MuvAudio

If you’re a Windows user, then you can look into a program called MuvAudio. This can convert your digital songs into various file formats and hence, can remove DRM. This particular DRM music converter preserves everything, from audio quality to artist’s information. Its output claims to be the closest to the original version.


This is a very efficient DRM music converter and gets the job done instantly. It supports all the major file formats. It retains audio quality and keeps all your songs organized. All the critical information on the artists and albums are retained. You can try their free version. It will allow you to convert 60 songs. Their website is pretty easy to understand and it offers support.


Unfortunately, the system requirements of MuvAudio on the official website are only compatible with Windows users. There are cracked versions for Mac on other websites. This program takes up a lot of space on the PC.

Option #4. Use a Chrome Extension Called Deezify

Deezify is an extension that you can add to your Chrome. This also converts songs from Spotify and is a great option if you don’t want to download any program on your computer. It’s pretty easy to add this extension. You just have to go to the Google Play Store to add it from there. It’s also pretty easy to use but like the other programs, it has its pros and cons.


Out of all the options, Deezify is the most lightweight since it takes up no space at all. It’s just an extension that you can easily add to your Chrome. It’s very easy to use.


Keep in mind that you have to be cautious in using an extension. Although extensions are updated automatically by the developer, it’s a safe practice to check on the updates. It wouldn’t hurt to do so. The supported output format is only MP3.
Use Deezify to Convert Spotify Music

Part 4: Conclusion

There you have it, the top 5 DRM music converters. Of course, there’s no doubt that the AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converters is the most recommended program. For starters, it’s safe to use and gets the job done in seconds.

Keep in mind that an extension doesn’t work all the time. A music recorder is okay but you would have to make sure that there aren’t any programs running in the background. If you want to use the safest program, then it’s got to be AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter.

Have you ever used a DRM music converter for your Spotify songs? Feel free to join in the conversation below.

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