Spotify Free vs Premium: Everything We Need To Know

It has been years since Spotify has been launched and it is still dominating the world of online music streaming sites by being one of the most popular sites we have today. If you are a new user, you can read that Spotify free vs Premium version is one of the basics that you must know. It will guide you through the beautiful world of music while listening through Spotify.

In this article, we will be discussing all the facts that we should know about Spotify free vs Premium, from all the limitations to all the advantages of using both. So, if you want to know everything about Spotify free and Spotify premium, this article will definitely help you a lot.

Contents Guide Part 1. Spotify Free vs Premium: What Do You Get With Free Spotify?Part 2. Spotify Free vs Premium: Is Spotify Premium Better Quality Than Free Spotify?Part 3. Is It Worth Getting Spotify Premium?Part 4. To Summarize It All

Part 1. Spotify Free vs Premium: What Do You Get With Free Spotify?

Spotify Free vs Premium

Who does not want to avail of a free trial nowadays? It is absolutely something most of us look forward to when it comes to online sites that provide us services, such as Spotify. But if we take a deeper understanding of what Spotify offers, it really isn’t free, since there are ads in between serving as support and giving us the chance to listen to songs.

To be able to gain a lot of Premium subscribers, Spotify made their free tier limited when it comes to some points. The ad-supported setup is paid for by companies so that users could be able to see what they sell or offer through the ads every few songs played. So, what do we get if we opted to try free Spotify?

One beneficial thing is we could be able to see what Spotify has to offer, although limited in some ways, we could get to discover its interface and see how it runs through the free tier. It can also let you listen to any song, any time in any order you want given that an ad will be played after a certain number of songs are listened to.

Also, the number of skips is also limited, once you have reached the allowable number of skips, an ad will pop up about how to register to the premium version of Spotify. You can also enjoy unlimited skips given that it appears on one of the personalized playlists; it has 15 of them, which was chosen by Spotify’s algorithm. Some of these playlists include:

  1. Daily Mix which are mostly daily discoveries and recommendations of Spotify, it can also be a mix of all your favorite tracks.
  2. Playlists like RapCaviar which is a sample of the curated playlists from Spotify.
  3. Weekly recommendations or choices of songs that Spotify thinks you like, they can be found in the Discover Weekly Section.
  4. All the new tracks from the different artists that you like or artists that have the same genre of the music that you often listen to, or the Release Radar.

You must remember that out of the fifteen (15) personalized playlists that Spotify has chosen, your listening is only limited to artists, albums, or playlists that are in the shuffle. You are only limited to skipping a number of six (6) tracks in a period of one hour. You can’t also have a specific track that you can play.

In the next part, we will talk about the Spotify free vs Premium comparison.

Part 2. Spotify Free vs Premium: Is Spotify Premium Better Quality Than Free Spotify?

Spotify Premium

There are lots of things that we can use as comparisons when we talk about Spotify free vs Premium. One of the most important things is free Spotify offers a lower quality of songs compared to when you listen through a premium account.

Another inconvenience is the limited skipping of tracks when you opted to listen to the free version of Spotify. Based on what we have discussed in the first part, the free version will let you listen to songs given that there are ads in between. This can be annoying especially if you are in the middle of a playlist that really hits your emotions.

Another thing that you must also consider is when you opted to use the premium version you can be able to download as many songs as you want for offline listening, whereas for the free version, you cannot be able to play songs unless you have a data pack with you.

When you used your mobile data, the signal can be a problem too. You cannot be able to use it when the signal is not stable, disturbing your good listening to the songs that you like. On the other hand, you can be able to enjoy the same social features when using both the free version and the premium one.

It is also noted that there are just a bunch of songs that you can able to play. Some of the songs can be unavailable if do not subscribe to the premium version. The maximum bit rate of the free version is 128 kbps, while the premium version offers a bit rate of 320 kbps.

Part 3. Is It Worth Getting Spotify Premium?

You may know the comparison between Spotify free vs Premium. Now, the question is it worth it to get the Premium version of Spotify? If you have enough resources like money to be able to pay for the monthly subscription, getting the premium version is advisable. You can be able to diminish all your annoyance when it comes to all the inconvenience that you can encounter when you opted to use the free version.

On the other hand, you can be able to have as many skips as you want and download as many tracks as you want when you choose to register or subscribe to a Premium version of Spotify.

However, free is free. Who does not want to avail of a free service where you got to enjoy the things you love without paying any amount of money? It really is a great deal. When you opted to choose to subscribe to the Premium version, you have to pay 9.99 dollars per month if you availed of a single membership while there is a family plan for a group of six people that costs 14.99 dollars. If you are a student, they also offer a lower-priced subscription at 4.99 dollars, while there is also one if you have a partner with you that will cost you 12.99 dollars per month.

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Part 4. To Summarize It All

There are a lot of things that we can say if we discussed Spotify free vs Premium, some of them were discussed in the initial portions of this article. The emergence of online music streaming sites like Spotify and many more is an example of how our technology is doing good providing us all the things that we may need as we go on through our everyday lives.

Professional converters like AMusicSot Spotify Music Converter are amazing partners too if we want to enjoy all the good things about music without breaking our savings from paying monthly subscriptions. We hope that this article helped you discover the comparison between Spotify free vs Premium so that you can be able to weigh which one will suit your needs and fit your style of living.

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