Spotify Web Player Not Working? Here Are Top Fixes!

Do you love music? Do you love playing your favorite tracks while working using your computer? Then, you probably know about Spotify. This music streaming service giant is one of the most popular in the industry.

So, if you’re using Spotify, you may have encountered its web platform. Although the said streaming platform provides a great service, sometimes you encounter the issue where Spotify web player not working. Our comprehensive guide will give you multiple techniques to address this problem. This will help you fix the problem of Spotify web player not working. The techniques will be very simple and can be applied by anybody. Let’s start fixing your Spotify platform!

Contents Guide Part 1: Can You Listen to Spotify on Website?Part 2: Spotify Web Player Not Working? Here’s The Best FixPart 3: Other Ways to Fix “Spotify Web Player Not Working” IssuePart 4: Conclusion

Part 1: Can You Listen to Spotify on Website?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services with a roster of over 50 million tracks. It contains songs, instrumentals, and even audiobooks. You can even go for guided meditation tracks and listen to them with the platform.

Because it is a popular platform, the service has made sure that they provide the best experience to users. This means they have made themselves available on different types of devices. They are available on the App Store, the Google Play Store, the Microsoft Store, and even the Amazon App Store.

Aside from that, they’ve made themselves available on their website. So, you can listen to Spotify on their website using your preferred browser. Most browsers support Spotify including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
Listen to Spotify on Website

Part 2: Spotify Web Player Not Working? Here’s The Best Fix

The best fix for the issue Spotify web player not working is to actually grab the songs so you can play them without facing any problems. With this, you don’t have to connect to the Internet and use the web player. To grab and download these songs, you can use AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter.

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This is a great tool allowing you to remove the DRM protection of all Spotify tracks you want. And, you can convert them to different file formats such as MP3, FLAC, and WAV, among others. With AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter, you can grab the tracks and transfer them to different devices you own.

Here are the steps on how to use AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter to work your way around the problem Spotify web player not working:

Step 1. Download, Install, And Then Launch AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter

The initial thing you have to do is to visit the official website of AMusicSoft. Locate the installation file on the download page and grab it on your computer. After that, open the installation file in order to install it on your Windows PC or macOS computer. Launch the software once the process is done.

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Step 2. Drag And Drop Your Tracks And Select Settings

The next thing would be to drag your tracks and then to drop them on the interface of AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter. You can also do this for albums or playlists that you want. Select output settings. It is recommended that you choose MP3 as this is a universal file format. After that, select the destination folder where the files will be saved.
Choose Output Settings

Step 3. Convert

Now, click the “Convert” button to start the process. This will take a few minutes. However, it will take a longer time if you want to grab a lot of tracks. As such, you have to wait patiently. Then, it is necessary for you to visit the destination folder you have set earlier to check where the tracks are placed.
Convert songs

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Part 3: Other Ways to Fix “Spotify Web Player Not Working” Issue

There are other ways you can implement in order to fix the issue of Spotify web player not working. These fixes are very easy to do. Plus, you’ll be able to do them even without help from a tech-savvy person. Let’s start with these alternative solutions.

Solution 01: Check The Internet Connection

The most obvious thing you should do is to check the Internet or network connection of your computer. This might seem simple but it actually works for most users who encounter the problem. If Spotify suddenly stops or if you press its play button and it doesn’t work, then the problem would most likely be your Internet connection.

First, you can check your Internet Speed with online network connection speed tests. After that, you should troubleshoot your Internet connection if it’s not working. To do this, you should go to your icons on the lower right side within the taskbar.

Right-click the icon for LAN or Wi-Fi and choose the option that says “Troubleshoot Problems”. If you simply have a minor problem, the Wi-Fi Troubleshooter can solve it. For instance, if the default gateway is unavailable, that’s easy to fix.

However, if the message says that its DNS server is unavailable, then it’s high tide to restart the modem. But, what if it doesn’t work out? Well, your best bet would have to be to call your Internet Service Provider for help.
Check The Internet Connection to Fix “Spotify Web Player Not Working”

Solution 02: Remove Spotify from Blacklist And Disable Ad Blockers

When the issue Spotify web player not working is at hand, you should try to remove ad blockers. This is true even if you’re paying for Spotify Premium. The ad blockers can actually hinder Spotify's web player from working.

You can deactivate your adblockers by going to the settings or menu of your browser. If you’re using other types of ad blockers though, there are options to whitelist entire domains allowing you to deactivate the ad blocker for these whole sites. Of course, what you should do is to remove the Spotify web player from the blacklist to make sure it works properly.

Solution 03: Clear The Cookies And Cache of Your Browser

Cache and cookies are important for browsers as it enables them to function smoothly. For instance, they help remember critical data such as login information. Although, there are times when cookies and cache can become corrupted.

In this case, you will face the issue of Spotify web player not working. That’s why before you delve into more complicated solutions, you should clear out your cache and cookies. The steps will be similar but still differ from browser to browser.

How to Clear Out Cache And Cookies on Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome and open the menu that looks like three dots aligned in a vertical fashion.
  2. Visit “More Tools” and click “Clear Browsing Data”.
  3. Set the specific time range that you wish. It is recommended that you delete at least 24 hours worth of data. If you don’t want to delete your browsing history, then uncheck the box for it.
  4. Click the option for “Clear Data” and then restart your Chrome browser.

How to Clear out Cache And Cookies on Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox and open the menu that looks like three vertical lines.
  2. Visit Library and then click the option for “History”.
  3. Click the option for “Clear Recent History” and then select the specific time range you wish to delete.
  4. Tick the boxes for Cookies and Cache. Remove the check on the boxes for all other options.
  5. Click the option for “Clear Now”.
  6. Restart the Firefox browser then log into Spotify again.
Clear Out Cache And Cookies Fix “Spotify Web Player Not Working”

Solution 04: Update Your Browser or Switch to Another One

If you’re facing the issue of Spotify web player not working on Mac, then you’re probably using Safari. This is because Spotify doesn’t work on Safari browsers anymore. You can simply switch to Firefox, Opera, or Chrome as these will still work on a macOS computer. If you’re using a non-popular browser, you may be able to encounter this problem of Spotify web player not working.

As such, you must switch to one of the three different browsers we have given above. If you still have problems with these popular browsers, then you must try updating them to the latest versions. You can do so automatically or manually.

There are some things you should do if you deactivated automatic updates for your browser. If you’re using the Chrome browser, you should click its Menu that looks like three dots. Then, you should choose the option to “Update Google Chrome”. If this option doesn’t show up, this means that Google Chrome is updated to the latest version.

If you’re using Firefox, you should visit the Menu once again. After that, click “Help” and choose the option that says “About Firefox”. Another window will be displayed. The browser will check and even download updates automatically if it is available.

Once you have finished updating your browser, you should restart it and check out if the problem Spotify web player not working is still there. It is important to note that a lot of users say that Chrome has problems with Spotify. As such, you should try to use Opera, Firefox, or even Edge if you can.

Solution 05: Check Devices Available List

If no solution above worked then you shouldn’t worry. Here is another trick you may want to try out. It can help solve the issue of Spotify web player not working. If, for instance, multiple devices are actually connected to a single Spotify account, the web player must be playing on another device other than the one you’re using right now.

As such, the player may be confused about where to play the track you want to run. Thus, you won’t hear anything once you start clicking the tracks. You simply go to the Devices Available section of your Spotify player and choose the device where you want to play the tracks.

Solution 06: Use Another Device Temporarily

Another thing you can do to fix the issue of Spotify web player not working is to use an effective yet simple technique. You should first close your web player for Spotify. Then, try to open Spotify (using the same account) on another device. For instance, you may want to use it on your Android phone.

Play whatever track you want using this other device. Then, you will see in the Devices Available section that you are listening to using the other device. Now, try to play it on the web player again. By this time, you have fixed the problem you’re facing.

Solution 07: Use The App Instead

If the issue Spotify web player not working still exists, then it’s not worth fixing. You should just download the app from the official website of Spotify. This is an easy fix and would probably be effective. As such, the Spotify app has the same functions and features as the web player.

Solution 08: Activate Protected Content

Sometimes, the solution is enabling protected content within your browser. This is because if you’re trying to play sensitive tracks, then it may be blocked by your browser from actually doing so. As such, here are the steps to activate Protected Content within your Chrome browser:

  1. Launch Chrome. Then, you have to go to the address bar. Type out the following without the period at the end chrome://settings/content.
  2. Go to the option that is labeled Protected Content. Then, click on this option.
  3. After that, you should enable the option that tells you to play protected content on sites.
  4. Visit the Spotify web player again and check if it works now.

Solution 09: Launch The Track on A New Tab Or Window

Another option would be to click the three-dot label within the track you want to play. Choose the option that says “Copy Song Link”. Now, you simply have to paste the copied link within the address bar of a new tab or a new window. That’s it!

Part 4: Conclusion

When you face the issue Spotify web player not working, don’t fret. We have given you ten different solutions to choose from. The best part is, these solutions are very easy to do. You don’t need the help of a tech-savvy person just to implement them.

The best solution to this problem is using AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter. This is because the tool allows you to grab the songs enabling you to have soft copies of the content for transfer to multiple devices. Plus, you don’t need to use the Internet just to play your tracks. Get AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter and experience music at its finest!

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