How to Convert iTunes Protected Files to MP3 [2023 Updated]

Before 2009, all audio content in iTunes was protected by its DRM technology called FairPlay. Luckily, Apple dropped it after 2009. This meant that iTunes protected files were gone. Eventually, iTunes was replaced by Apple Music.

All files after 2009 and before iTunes was replaced were technically DRM-free. But how about the files before 2009? Well, if you purchased your audio content before that year, you would still have some iTunes protected music files, what are you to do? Keep on reading this article to learn how to convert protected iTunes files to unprotected.

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Part 1. The Best Way to Convert Protected iTunes Files

You may want to explore the various ways to convert iTunes protected files to unprotected and play them on non-Apple devices. The easiest way to do it is by using the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. This is a powerful program that can remove DRM protection of the protected iTunes files and convert them. It does not require any kind of technical skills to navigate the program. That pretty much means anyone can handle it.

Talking more about AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter, as mentioned, it can convert files, it can download and it can remove the DRM protection from iTunes or Apple Music tracks. The formats that you can get from AMusicSoft include MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, AC3 and M4A. All of these formats can easily be accessed and kept on any device, so playing them anytime and anywhere you want wouldn’t be that much concern. Even if songs disappeared from Apple Music, you can restore them immediately.

You will see a more detailed explanation of the steps below. Continue reading to learn more about using AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter to convert iTunes protected files.

Step 1. Download the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter

First thing’s first. You need to download the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. This will only take a couple of seconds. The installation will automatically follow. Make sure to launch the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter so that you can start using it.

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Step 2. Add Old iTunes Files

There’s no need for you to launch iTunes to add your old audio files. Once the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter has been downloaded on your computer, it’s automatically configured to show your iTunes music. You just have to navigate to the left side of the program and click on the Music tab. By doing so, all your iTunes songs will appear. Select the ones you want to convert.

Choose the Music Tracks

Step 3. Convert into a DRM-Free File Format

After you have selected all your old iTunes files that are still protected, choose a DRM-free file format like MP3 and then you can convert iTunes protected files to unprotected. As you will see, the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter provides various settings for you to adjust the audio quality.

Select the Output Format

Step 4. Download Unprotected iTunes Files

Believe it or not but at this point, you can now download your unprotected iTunes files. That is how easy it is to strip the layer of copyright protection from your old iTunes files.

Convert the Music

Part 2. Transfer Old iTunes Files to a CD

If you want to remove the DRM from your iTunes files and convert iTunes protected files to unprotected, you can burn them to a CD as well. This is a good option if you’re not able to create an MP3/AAC version on iTunes. For this option, you would need a CD player. Take a look at the steps below to see how it’s done.

Step 1. Create a New Playlist

The first thing you have to do is to create a new folder in your library. Then move the songs you want to convert to the playlist.

Step 2. Launch Preferences Window

Open the Preferences window (on a Mac iTunes menu > Preferences; on a Windows computer, Edit > Preferences). On the first tab, towards the bottom is a section labeled When a CD is inserted. In the drop-down menu, there are several options, but you'll likely want to choose either Ask to Import CD or Import CD, which will automatically begin copying the CD to your library.

Step 3. Import Settings

Select the Import Settings button next to that drop-down menu. In the window that pops up, select your preferred type of file and your preferred quality. The higher the quality, the better the song will sound, though also the larger the resulting file. I'd recommend 256 kbps for a good balance of sound quality and file size. Select OK in the pop-up. Choose OK in the Preferences window to save this change.

Step 4. Insert CD

Insert the CD you want to copy into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Select Yes to import the CD.

Insert CD

Wait for all songs to import. When all songs have been imported, your computer will play a chime sound and all songs have the green checkmark next to them.

Wait For All Songs To Import

Part 3. Conclusion

Given the options mentioned above, you can now convert iTunes protected files to unprotected. The safest and easiest option for you to consider is using the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. For starters, there’s no need for a CD and you’re not just limited to converting your old iTunes files to the MP3 file format.

Converting protected files is okay but since it’s free, there’s no guarantee. You are a lot safer using the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. How about you? Which of the option would you consider using? Feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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