10 Solutions To Fix Songs Disappeared From Apple Music/iTunes

Written By Robert Fabry Last updated: April 18, 2024

Have you ever opened your Apple Music on your device to find that some or all of your favorite songs are missing? It can be a frustrating experience, especially when you rely on the app for your daily dose of music. Fortunately, there are several solutions that can help solve the issue wherein songs disappeared from Apple Music or iTunes library.

If you are in this kind of situation, don’t panic as we are here to help you out. In this troubleshooting article, we'll explore some of the most effective methods for resolving the issue of disappeared Apple Music songs. Whether you're a seasoned Apple Music user or new to the app, read on to learn how to restore your missing songs and enjoy your favorite tunes once again.

Contents Guide Part 1. Why Did My Apple Music Songs Disappear?Part 2. 10 Solutions to Fix Apple Music Songs DisappearedPart 3. Bonus Tip: Backup Apple Music/iTunes Library to Keep ForeverPart 4. Conclusion

Part 1. Why Did My Apple Music Songs Disappear?

What's the reason for songs disappeared from Apple Music or iTunes? We list several possible factors responsible for this problem.

  • iCloud Music Library/Sync Library settings are disabled.
  • Expired Apple Music subscription.
  • Unstable Network
  • Apple Music app crash or iOS updates.
  • Wrong Apple Music account.
  • Not enough storage space to store your music files.

Part 2. 10 Solutions to Fix Apple Music Songs Disappeared

Now that you know why the songs disappeared from Apple Music and iTunes, let’s explore some practical solutions to recover your favorite music again. Let’s get started.

Solution 1. Turn on iCloud Music Library/Sync Library

With the Sync Library feature enabled, the ‌Apple Music‌ content in your library will be synced across your devices that are signed in to the Apple Music app with the Apple ID you use with your Apple Music subscription. Therefore, you need to make sure that Sync Library is enabled if you find that Apple Music songs disappeared from your device. Here is how to recover your missing music library by enabling the Sync Library feature.

Turn on Sync Library on iPhone or iPad: Open the Apple Music app and tap the photo icon. Tap Account Settings and make sure that you're signed in with the same Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription. Now open the Settings > Music > Turn on Sync Library.

Turn On Sync Library

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Turn on Sync Library on Mac: Open the Apple Music desktop app, tap on Music, and click Preferences > General tab > select Sync Library. Click OK, and wait for your music library to sync.

Turn On Sync Library On Mac

Turn on Sync Library on Windows PC: In iTunes for Windows, Sync Library is called iCloud Music Library. To turn on iCloud Music Library, choose Edit > Preferences, then click General. Select the iCloud Music Library checkbox.

Solution 2. Check Your Apple Music Subscription

Why have my playlists or songs disappeared from Apple Music? If you’re unable to see Apple Music playlists or songs on your device, your Apple Music subscription may have expired. You can't access any content in your library after the subscription expires, even though you have downloaded them on your device. Why? Because of FairPlay DRM protection, you don’t actually own the music files you have downloaded. Downloading music with an Apple Music subscription means only that you unlock Apple Music’s entire catalog's access. To fix the issue, you should renew your Apple Music subscription in time to access your music again. See How Do I Check My Apple Music Subscription?

Check Your Apple Music Subscription

Solution 3. Check Internet Connection

One of the main reasons you can't find songs on Apple Music is the issue of internet connection. If you have problems with the network connection, the tracks won’t be loaded smoothly to your device. So you can try to check the internet connection on your device used. Try to run other apps on your device to test if the internet connection is stable. If you find the signal is weak, switch to a different WiFi or data (for mobile users), and vice versa. You can also restart the router when you are at home or office. Some shared or public networks, such as schools/offices restrict access to certain services. You can contact the IT department to check for restrictions.

Solution 4. Update the Apple Music App to Its Latest Version

Another common cause of missing songs on the Apple Music app is an outdated app. An outdated app can cause problems with functionality, which may affect how your songs are displayed or synced across your devices. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection before starting the upgrade. So what you need to do is to go to the Play Store or App Store if you are using an Android, iOS, or macOS device and look for a possible update. For Windows users, please check for updates (for the Preview version) from the Microsoft Store.

Solution 5. Update Your Device System

You should also make sure that the OS system of the device used is updated. Apple Music songs may disappear after an OS update due to compatibility issues between the new OS version and the Apple Music app. To maintain the best performance and app compatibility, it's critical to keep the system on your mobile device up to date.

  • The latest version of iOS is 17 and iPadOS is 17.
  • The latest version of macOS is 14.2.1.
  • The latest version of tvOS is 17.2.
  • The latest version of watchOS is 10.2.
  • The latest version of Android is 14.

Solution 6. Check Apple Music Server Status

If your Apple Music Subscription, network connection, Music app, and OS are fine but songs disappear from Apple Music or iTunes all the time, we can also check the Apple Music or iTunes server status. Sometimes, bugs with the server will stop loading content and features. You can go to Apple's system status webpage to check that. If the Apple Music or iTunes server is down, you will have to wait for it to be restored before you can enjoy music from Apple Music normally.

Check Apple Music Server Status

Solution 7. Check Your Apple ID

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps have worked, the next step is to try checking your Apple ID. Are all of your devices signed in with the same Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription? If not, the music can't be synced across your devices, so you may find some songs or playlists disappeared from Apple Music.

Check the Apple ID on iPhone or iPad: Open the Apple Music app > Tap your photo icon at the top > Scroll down and tap Account Settings.

Check the Apple ID on Mac: Open the Apple Music app on Mac > in the menu bar, choose Account.

Check the Apple ID on Windows: Open iTunes > At the top, choose Account.

If some devices didn't sign in with the same Apple ID you use with your Apple Music subscription., you should try signing out and back into Apple Music with the same Apple ID, which helps sync music library.

Solution 8. Check the Cloud Status of Songs

What if songs disappeared from Apple Music? You can also check the cloud status of songs on your Mac or PC. In this way, you can find the reason why the song can't be found across your devices. Follow the steps below to make it.

  1. On your Mac, open the Apple Music app. On your Windows, open iTunes, choose Music from the pop-up menu, then click Library.
  2. In the sidebar, select Songs.
  3. In the menu bar, choose View > Show View Options.
  4. Select Cloud Status and Cloud Download.

Check Cloud Status Of Songs

If shown an exclamation point: Click the exclamation point Invalid location icon next to the song. A message will appear and ask if you'd like to locate the song, please click Locate. If the song is located, you'll be asked to use the location to find other missing songs in your library. If you see this message, click Find Files.

If shown "Waiting": The song won’t appear on your other devices because it’s waiting to sync. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. Then choose File > Library in the menu bar of the Apple Music app or iTunes. Choose Update Cloud Library and wait for the song to sync. Then check if the song appears on your other devices.

If shown "Removed": The song was deleted from another device that has Sync Library turned on. If you want to restore the song on your other devices, you can lick the arrow Removed button next to the song. Click Add to Cloud Music Library.

Solution 9. Free Up Your Device Storage

It’s worth noting that some devices have limited storage space, especially mobile phones. So, when you keep adding new data, the device eventually runs out of storage space and causes the downloaded music to disappear from Apple Music. One of the ways to avoid this situation is to free up storage space by permanently deleting unnecessary files. Usually, videos and apps occupy most of the storage space. So, it would be better to delete a few of these items so that you can make room for your Apple Music songs.

Solution 10. Ask Apple Team for Help

If you already tried all the suggested ways to fix songs missed from Apple Music and iTunes, then I would recommend asking for help from Apple. You may send them a report and talk about the error that is concerning you. You can also feedback on your issue by visiting the official Twitter account @AppleSupport.

Part 3. Bonus Tip: Backup Apple Music/iTunes Library to Keep Forever

If you cannot fix issue of songs disappeared from Apple Music or iTunes even though you try all the solutions mentioned above, you can download Apple Music playlists and keep them on computer, cloud storage services or USB drive permanently. However, as we mentioned above, Apple Music songs are protected with DRM, the downloads couldn’t be played on unauthorized devices. But you can try AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter to help you.

With its capability to remove DRM from Apple Music and iTunes protected files at 5X faster speed, you can proceed with conversion and download smoothly. Once all the Apple Music songs are unprotected, you'll be able to convert DRM-free music to MP3, MP4, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, or other mainstream format files with lossless audio quality. In this way, you can keep all the songs and playlists at a more safe place. No worry about missing music even if you stop subscribing to the service. Except for Apple Music and iTunes songs, AAX audiobooks can be converted with AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter as well.

Get DRM-free songs from Apple Music with AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter! Click the Free Download button to download the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter on your Mac/Windows computer!

Free Download Free Download

Step 1. To back up music from iTunes or Apple Music, open AMusicSoft software, enter the built-in web player, and sign in with your Apple ID. Then you can search for the Apple Music song you want to download. Simply by dragging them to the "+" button, the software will fetch data from Apple Music.

Add Apple Music To AMusicSoft

Step 2. Next, you can now begin choosing the file formats that you wanted to convert your files into. Here we choose MP3. You also have to make sure that you have created a folder where you will be saving all the files that you have converted. Then name the folder how you wanted it to be named.

Select Music Output Format

Step 3. Click the "Convert" button. AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter will help you download DRM-free Apple Music songs immediately by batch converting them with 5X quick speed.

Click Convert All To Start Downloading

Step 4. Finally, after some minutes, you may now download the resulting files by getting them from the Finished menu above. Now your songs are DRM free which means that you can play Apple Music songs on any device you want.

View The Finished Files

Part 4. Conclusion

The Apple Music app is a popular and convenient way to listen to music. However, if you're experiencing songs disappeared from Apple Music app, it can be frustrating and discouraging. Luckily, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue. If you continue to experience problems with the app, it may be time to contact Apple support for further assistance. Or, you can opt for our solution here. The best solution to the problem is to grab the tracks from Apple Music using AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. Once you have them, you can easily listen to them and create backup files so they don’t get lost. Grab the tool today!

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