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Listening to audiobooks is one of the best forms of rest and entertainment nowadays. Due to its rising popularity, its library is getting more improved making it much easier for the users to locate their wanted Audible. To give you an approximate number of audiobooks in its library, it is mostly about 200, 000 in total.

The only concern here is finding the right Audible player download that you can use in enjoying them. Since Audible books are encrypted with DRM, only the authorized ones are allowed to access them. So, you really have to exert an effort in finding the right one for your audiobooks. Fortunately, this is very easy and simple as you only have to take note of some major features that must be considered such as the storage capacity. See below the top Audible book player to use for saved Audible.

Contents Guide Part 1. How to Select the Best Audible Player for Audiobooks?Part 2. Best Audible Players to Play Audible BooksPart 3. The Best Way to Access Audible Books on All PlayersPart 4. Final Words

Part 1. How to Select the Best Audible Player for Audiobooks?

To decide whether the Audible player download is good or not, there are some features that must be determined in them.

  1. Storage Capacity: It is best to choose a player with a very sufficient space to store the Audible books. If possible, choose a player with a capacity starting from 16 GB.
  2. Audio Quality: Audio quality is always one of the top priorities especially if you are an audiophile. Make sure to find a player that can remove the noise and other unwanted sounds while you are streaming.
  3. Bookmarking Ability: It is given for audiobooks to last for a longer time. There are some that would run for about 60 hours continuously which is definitely very long to finish in just a single day. This is where the importance of bookmarking is needed. If you cannot finish the audiobook, you can just have the current page or chapter bookmarked to make it easy for you to resume next time.
  4. Connectivity: Using wireless headphones or speakers can make audiobook streaming extra convenient. Since these devices work through Bluetooth, make sure to find an Audible player that has a Bluetooth feature on it.
  5. Battery Life: Since Audible books are very long, it will surely take you a lot of battery usage before you can finish listening to the audiobooks. So, always check the battery life of the Audible book player to use.
  6. File Format Compatibility: It is better to choose a device with multiple players supported.

Part 2. Best Audible Players to Play Audible Books

With the continuous enhancement of technology, more Audible players are being introduced in the market. This is the reason why the number and types of compatible players is getting limited by now, only to know that some of the old ones have already been replaced.

The list below will show you the top Audible players that you should consider on your next purchase.

SanDisk Clip Jam

The SanDisk Clip Jam is also a good candidate for Audible player download. It has an average capacity of 8 GB, but it supports the use of an SD card which could store up to 20 GB of files. When it comes to file compatibility, it supports multiple formats including WAV, MP3, AAC and original Audible AA/AAX.


  1. A long-lasting battery of up to 20 hours long.
  2. File compatibility is widely ranged.
  3. Good streaming audio quality.


  1. Bluetooth is unavailable.

SanDisk Clip Jam

iPod Nano

iPod Nano is definitely a must-consider Audible player download. It is designed with an enough storage capacity of 16 GB and it has a 30-hour long battery life. It is also very handy, portable and it supports the formats of MP3 and MP4.


  1. Bluetooth feature is incorporated.
  2. Easy to navigate and operate.
  3. Supports FM Radio and pedometer.
  4. USB can be inserted.


  1. WIFI feature is not supported.
  2. Audible app cannot be installed.
  3. A little pricey to purchase.

iPod Nano To Play Audible

iPod Touch

Can I put Audible books on my iPod Touch? Yes! When it comes to appearance, iPod Touch is definitely one of the best candidates. Aside from that, it has a sufficient storage capacity and it supports direct Audible book download from the application. iPod Touch also has Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity features enabling the users to enjoy online streaming anytime they want.


  1. Bluetooth and WIFI is present.
  2. Fully authorized by Audible service.
  3. Simple and neat interface.
  4. Sufficient storage capacity.


  1. iPod Touch below 8thgen is not supported by Audible anymore.
  2. Touch ID and Micro SD are both not available.

iPod Touch To Play Audible

Creative Zen

Creative Zen has an initial storage of 16 GB, which will allow you to save any kind of Audible books that you want on it. One good feature that it contains is related to the battery life. It can also last for up to 32 hours for a continuous session. The formats it can play include MP3, WMA, WAV, Audible and AAC.


  1. It is compact and lightweight.
  2. Audio quality is excellent.


  1. WIFI and Bluetooth are both not supported.

Creative Zen To Play Audible

Astell And Kern SP2000 DAP

Astell and Kern is another Audible player download that you should consider for audiobook streaming. Not only it can play Audible books, but it can also access Apple Music, Amazon Music and more. To name the formats that it can play, you can have MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, APE, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSF, DFF, OGG and a lot more. Believe it or not, but its total capacity can reach up to 512 GB.


  1. A very large storage capacity.
  2. Compatible with many audio formats.
  3. Has Bluetooth and WIFI feature.


  1. A little pricey.

Sony Walkman NW-A105 MP3 Player

This model of Sony Walkman is equipped with so many features including high audio quality, huge storage capacity and multiple formats supported. It even allows users to insert SD card to add more space for the files to save.


  1. Produces good audio quality.
  2. Supports multiple audio formats.
  3. Has WIFI and Bluetooth features.


  1. Internal space is a little smaller.

Part 3. The Best Way to Access Audible Books on All Players

As mentioned earlier, Audible books are protected with DRM. This must be removed in the beginning of the process in order to proceed with playing them on multiple Audible player download. This is very simple to fix as long as you have AMusicSoft Audible Converter on your device. This tool is very excellent especially when it comes to the removal of protection from the audiobooks.

By just having it downloaded from the website and getting it installed, you can already use it in both the conversion and download of Audible books. It can convert Audible audiobooks to MP3 and other formats such as WAV, FLAC and M4A. Its fast-working speed does not affect the way it produces the quality of Audible sound at the end of the process. It is known to give out results with the same audio quality as the original.

Just head to the official website of AMusicSoft to get the application. You will surely find it amazing how easy it is to use the app when converting the format of the audiobooks. Here is how to use AMusicSoft Audible Converter app.

  • After the complete download, install AMusicSoft Audible Converter on your computer. Launch the app and start adding the audiobooks. Simply drag and drop the files or copy and paste their links.

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  • From the supported formats in AMusicSoft, select one to use for conversion. Do not forget to assign the end folder where the results will go once conversion is finished.

Add Your Audible Books To Converter

  • Tap the Convert button to finally start with the process.

Select Audible Output Format

  • Go to the Converted menu to see all the completed results of conversion.

Convert Audible Audiobooks To MP3

Right after getting the results through AMusicSoft Audible Converter, you will then be allowed and free to transfer the copies into another Audible player. Streaming them non-stop will be possible as well, as long as you got the best player for your audiobooks. Just check out the guide above about the samples of the best players to consider. To transfer the copies, see the procedure below.

  • With the use of a compatible USB cable, connect your Audible player into your computer.
  • Navigate to the folder you’ve assigned for the results of conversion and then copy and paste them into the system of the player.
  • The drag and drop method will also work in transferring the copies of them.

Part 4. Final Words

Not all audio players that you’ll encounter can support the original format of Audible books. But with the help of professional tools like AMusicSoft Audible Converter, it will be possible for you to use any Audible player download that you wish to utilize for streaming. As I’ve tackled above, it is very important to select the best player as it will determine the quality of experience that you’ll have with Audible. The list of the features to note are all shared above

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