Kindle Unlimited Vs Audible: Which Is Better 2024?

Since Kindle and Audible are both programs for audiobooks, most audiobook streamers would think for sure that they are just the same. Although the two services are both created and produced by Amazon, there are still some differences between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. This goes the same with their similarities.

Let us know more about Kindle Unlimited vs Amazon Audible by learning about their similarities and differences. After learning about them fully, it will surely be easier for you to decide which is the service to utilize when streaming the audiobooks.

Contents Guide Part 1. Kindle Unlimited Vs Amazon Audible – Are They Similar?Part 2. Kindle Unlimited Vs Amazon Audible – Which is Better for Audiobooks?Part 3. Bonus: How to Enjoy Your Favorite Audible Books Offline Without Membership?Part 4. Final Words

Part 1. Kindle Unlimited Vs Amazon Audible – Are They Similar?

The major difference between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible is about the subscription. To access the entire catalogue of audiobooks in Audible, one must have a valid subscription. Unlike in Kindle Unlimited, wherein users can access the audiobooks even without a subscription. Free access is guaranteed for all e-books and magazines, but of course, there are limitations to consider.

Kindle Unlimited works the same as Spotify Music. Meaning to say, all of your saved audiobooks will disappear from your account once your subscription is gone. To put it simply, the audiobooks that you got are only borrowed and you have no permanent rights over them. Accessing them without restriction is only temporary.

Talking about Audible, on the other hand, it offers a lot of benefits and privileges to its users. If you have an Audible credit and you used it to get your favorite Audible book, you can have it on your account forever. Even if your subscription has expired or been cut off, you can still have the audiobook since it is deemed yours already. You might also find Audible’s return or exchange policy interesting. This policy aims to help the users to return any book that they think is not worth their money or credits. But of course, there are some conditions when using this feature. To add, in Audible, you can use Amazon Household Sharing to share your favorite audiobooks with other people.

Amazon Audible Credit

Part 2. Kindle Unlimited Vs Amazon Audible – Which is Better for Audiobooks?

To make it easier for you to decide which is better between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible, let us have a short comparison between the two based on the most important aspects that a user should know.

Subscription Plan and Free Trial for Users

Audible has a good variety when it comes to subscription plans, and the cheapest Audible Plus plan goes for $7.95 per month. Audible Premium Plus for $14.95 per month: Includes everything from the Audible Plus plan, as well as exclusive discounts and sales. You also get 1 premium title of your choice. The credits given can be used to get an Audible book that you can permanently own. Apart from the use of Audible credit in purchasing audiobooks, members also get to pick 2 Audible Originals each month. Audible also offers a free trial for users who are just new to the service, and this normally lasts for a month.

Audible Subscription Plan

There are other membership plans to choose from: the Platinum monthly plan, the Gold Annual Special, and the Platinum Annual plan. While annual plans seem more expensive up front, you actually pay less per credit than monthly plans, which can make them a great value for more budget-conscious subscribers.

In Kindle Unlimited, you will only have to pay for $9.99 per month. With this subscription, you can already have an access to over one million eBook titles and 2000+ free audiobooks. You are free to borrow them anytime you want but you can also purchase them for $0.99 to $4.99 per book.

Kindle Unlimited Price

The main difference between Kindle Unlimited vs Audible is that Audible will let you have permanent rights over the audiobook but Kindle Unlimited wouldn’t. It will only allow you to borrow the books, When you cancel your subscription plan, all “Read and Listen for Free” Kindle Unlimited ebooks and audiobooks are removed from your devices.

If you’re interested in ebooks more than audiobooks, then Kindle Unlimited could be a good choice. However, if you’d really love to be able to read a lot of ebooks, then Audible might be a better way to go. Why? Well, remember Kindle Unlimited only gives you access to around 2,000 audiobooks for free. Meanwhile, Audible grants you access to 11,000+ audiobooks.


When it comes to compatibility of Kindle Unlimited vs Audible, Kindle will get the upper hand. This is because in Kindle, you are not required to have Kindle devices to be capable of streaming the audiobooks. You can simply use your Windows, Mac or Android to download the Kindle app and start downloading any audiobook that you want from its catalogue.

Amazon Kindle App

As for Audible, although the same set of devices support the Audible app, there are still more devices that are compatible with Kindle audiobooks. Audible books are protected with DRM and they are not playable on just any device unless it is authorized by Audible.


Unfortunately, Kindle Unlimited’s availability is limited only to some places in the US. This is where Audible gets the advantage since it is available in multiple regions. The only concern here would be the available audiobook titles, because they would differ depending on which place you are currently resided at. This is mainly caused by the licensing restrictions for each region.

Part 3. Bonus: How to Enjoy Your Favorite Audible Books Offline Without Membership?

In the discussion above, we learned a lot about Kindle Unlimited vs Audible. Can you listen to Audible without a subscription? How to enjoy audiobooks offline? As a bonus, let me share with you the best tool that can help you in downloading and converting Audible audiobooks into accessible formats so that offline streaming without a membership would be possible.

The best tool that I will definitely recommend using is AMusicSoft Audible Converter. It can remove the DRM from the books making them unprotected and open for transfer and sharing. This audiobook converter can download and convert Audible books into audio formats that are playable on any device The formats that AMusicSoft supports include MP3, WAV, M4A, and FLAC. Aside from that, it can guarantee you the best audio quality results that are perfectly the same with the original copy even if they have undergone several processes already. What's more, it is also the best way to burn Audible books to CDs.

With its fast working speed, AMusicSoft Audible Converter can quickly give you the converted results which you can download and listen to offline. Right after downloading them, you can transfer the audiobooks from one device to another and share them with your friends and family. Last thing that is very worth to mention about AMusicSoft is that it is very user friendly. Check out below the complete steps on how to use AMusicSoft Audible Converter to download Audible books you want.

  • Your first step must be the download and installation of the AMusicSoft Audible Converter. This could be done by navigating to the AMusicSoft official page or hitting the download button below.

Free Download Free Download

  • Once done, you may now start uploading the audiobooks into AMusicSoft. Click the area suggested by the converter and then select the books that you wish to convert.

Adds Audible Books To The Program

  • Choose the output format and a destination folder to save the converted audiobook files.

Select Audible Output Format And Output Folder

  • Click the Convert button and wait for a while until the conversion process is finished. To check the progress of the process, go to the Converted section to check if all the books have been converted already.

Convert Audible Audiobooks To MP3

Part 4. Final Words

To say some final words about Kindle Unlimited vs Audible, with the use of the guide above, I hope that it has now been easier for you to choose which one is the better application for streaming audiobooks. By considering both services’ compatibility, accessibility, subscription plans offered and more, you can surely decide now between Kindle Unlimited vs Amazon Audible. On the other hand, I would suggest using AMusicSoft Audible Converter to download Audible books for offline streaming. It can totally give you the best results.

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