How to Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing

Apple Music has been one of the most prominent and popular online music streaming mediums of today. As time goes by, many people patronize Apple Music to be their partner when someone suddenly needs a mood changer. However, while your most favorite songs are playing one day when your Apple Music keeps pausing, which is really so annoying.

In this article, we will try to find the reasons why Apple Music keeps on pausing and what are the things that we can do to avoid it. We will also discuss the things, methods, or ways that you can do whenever you are already experiencing the said problem with Apple Music. So, let us start discussing why Apple Music keeps on pausing.

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Part 1. Why Does My Apple Music Keep Pausing On iPhone?

There could be a lot of reasons why your Apple Music keeps on pausing while your most favorite songs are playing in your car or room. We will be discussing some of the reasons and later on the things that we can do in order to overcome such a dilemma.

Your precious time alone while listening to your curated playlist may be disturbed when your Apple Music suddenly stopped in the middle while your most favorite song is on cue. Here are some of the reasons that you could use a reference when your Apple Music suddenly stopped in the middle of a song.

  1. The operating system of your phone or device (iOS or Android) is not up to date.
  2. Your Apple Music application needs some updates.
  3. You have an unstable internet connection, or you have no connection at all.
  4. You are using broken headphones or earphones.
  5. There is a compatibility problem to where you choose to play Apple Music.

These are only some of the possible reasons why your Apple Music keeps on pausing, there are other reasons out there that you will discover along the way. Some of these are very simple reasons that only need some update for you to overcome.

Apple Music Keeps Pausing

Part 2. How To Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing On iPhone?

Now, that we already have some ideas about why does Apple Music keeps on pausing, let us now discover ways on how to fix this problem. Others are saying that their issues are somehow connected when using earphones, or headphones. We have gathered some of the reliable fixes that all of us can use in case. You can try to reboot your Apple Music application using these easy methods avoiding hassles brought by the sudden stop of Apple Music.

Check Your Apple Music Application

One of the basic fixes that someone can do is to check your Apple Music application. Restarting the application, or uninstalling, and installing it could be one of the easiest checkings that you can do. This is how it works.

  • When you are using an iPhone, long-press the application, and click the mark “X” on the Apple Music application in order to uninstall it.
  • To install the application again, go to the Apple Store and look for the Apple Music application, click it to install the application again.

Restart Your Phones

You could also try to restart your mobile phones or devices to refresh their operating systems. It is one of the most basic and easiest troubleshooting techniques that you can do.

Try To Update Your Apple Music Application

It is also considered as one of the most basic things that you can do; you can check the Apple Music application on the Apple store and see for the latest version if there is any.

Remove All The Songs And Try to Re-Download Them

You can also try to remove all the songs that were initially saved on your Apple Music list of songs. You can redownload them again once you have started the application again. Here are the steps that you can follow if you opted to choose this method.

  • Open the “Settings” application on your phone and choose “General”.
  • Check the storage by tapping the “Storage and iCloud Usage”.
  • In order for you to be able to do some checking on how much space your Apple Music is taking up on your phone, look for the “Manage Storage” option.
  • You will see the Apple Music application, and click on “Music”, and choose “Edit”. Select the option “All Songs” if you want to erase all the songs.

Update The Operating System Of Your Phone

In most cases, updating your iOS version really helps. It is also one of the basic yet most effective things that you can do whenever your Apple Music keeps on pausing. Here are the steps to update your iOS.

  • Open your phone and go to “Settings” and look for the “General”.
  • Up next is the “Software Update” tab, choose it.
  • Click the “Download and Install” option.
  • Click the “Install” button to update the iOS version of your device. Wait for the update to finish. It is a must to remember that you must have an internet connection while doing the update, you must also ensure to have enough battery charge while the update is on-going. It must be 60% and up.

Update The Operating System

Re-sync All Your Music From iTunes

Another one basic and effective way to avoid sudden pausing in Apple Music is by re-syncing all the music files that you have. This could get rid of corrupted files which cause the sudden passing of your Apple Music application. It is very easy to do when you have the iTunes application on your personal computer.

Use Another Set Of Headphones

There are reports that this dilemma happens when they are using an earpiece. It is somehow very easy to explain since the hardware is already involved. It is as simple as changing the earphones that you are using.

Part 3. How To Avoid Apple Music Problems Forever?

It is really a hassle when your Apple Music keeps on pausing, most especially when you are in the middle of listening. That is why a lot of people are looking for ways to avoid Apple Music problems for the rest of their lives.

It is a good thing to have the best professional converter nowadays, the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter. It is an all-around professional aid to help you attain high-quality music without asking too much of your time, money, and effort. You can be able to enjoy songs from your Apple Music library without worrying about file compatibility and Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions.

AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter is an ultimate saver if you want to enjoy easy-to-access music files that can be shared from a device into another without worrying that your device may fail to play it. It can convert your music files in just a matter of a few minutes, you can even convert a whole set of songs through your playlists and curated albums. Imagine saving tons of your money since you do not have to worry about paying monthly dues to cover your subscriptions.

AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter

This software is really a must-have if you are a music enthusiast and if you want to save as well. You can be able to save a lot of time from converting a song after another by using the AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter.

This professional converter is compatible with personal computers that have an operating system of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (both 32 & 64bits). It can also be installed in macOS versions 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. You must remember that the processor of the device where you will install the professional converter must have a capacity of 1G Hz or a higher one.

It is to ensure the smooth running of your professional converter on the chosen device. You must also install the latest version of the Apple iTunes application since it will be used for the process of converting your music files from Apple Music into more accessible types of file formats.

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Part 4. Conclusion

There could be a lot of possible reasons why your Apple Music keeps on pausing, they could be simple ones, others could be hard and not easy to resolve. That is why a lot of musically inclined individuals are looking for ways to keep their most wanted songs on their devices forever.

The use of professional converters, like AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter, is one way to assure that you are calmed by music for the rest of your lives. They really are a large help to those who can’t live their lives to the fullest without the help of music.

We are hoping that you have learned some of the methods that you can do whenever you encountered problems with your Apple Music application. We are looking forward to your many happy days while listening to your most wanted music for the rest of your lives.

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